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about Bimba fonts....
dossalab <dossalab@protonmail.com> to bimba
11 Dec 23 12:10 +0000
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Hi all,

I encountered this project while searching for a FLOSS replacement for Jakdojade. Great work, though I doubt I can use it at the moment since I'm located outside of Poznań. On the other hand, there are no feasible alternatives, so eventually I *might* work on adding support for my city...

For now though, I do have a question - about this `yellowcircle8.otf` font that is used across the application. I did not manage to find any information on it, so my question is - what is it exactly? If it's something custom, can I use it for my own work (i.e my personal blog or something along the lines). If it's a remix of something existing, can you point me to the original source of it?

Thanks a lot in advance.
Re: about Bimba fonts....
Adam <git@apiote.xyz> to bimba
11 Dec 23 16:03 +0000
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Thanks for kind words. Dethroning Jakdojade is my personal goal, but for that Bimba needs journey planning. It's been planned for a long time but we haven't sat to that, yet. Another city woud be much appreciated :)

About the font:
I like the look of Transport for London font, but it's not open source. But the original design is so old, that an open source version was created by Greg Fleming and is available on GitHub: https://github.com/davelab6/Railway-Sans
It lacks ‘Ł’ so I added it and couldn't release a changed font with the same name, hence mine: https://git.apiote.xyz/yellowcircle8.git
It's uder SIL OFL, so You can use it.