mímir for git.apiote.xyz
27 May 24 00:04 +0000
Rol Súarez <rolandjose878@gmail.com> to bimba
What do you mean by "token"? What exactly would I have to put there? Grateful for the FOSS things they do. ♥
Bimba OpenStreetMap attribution
22 May 24 06:41 +0000
Vladan Kudláč <vladankudlac@gmail.com> to bimba

As an OpenStreetMap contributor, I am pleased to see that you are using
OpenStreetMap in your Bimba app for Android.

However, I noticed that the map seems to lack the proper credit.
OpenStreetMap's license requires that you both credit OpenStre…
about Bimba fonts....
11 Dec 23 12:10 +0000
dossalab <dossalab@protonmail.com> to bimba
Hi all,

I encountered this project while searching for a FLOSS replacement for Jakdojade. Great work, though I doubt I can use it at the moment since I'm located outside of Poznań. On the other hand, there are no feasible alternatives, so eventually I …