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Bimba OpenStreetMap attribution
Vladan Kudláč <vladankudlac@gmail.com> to bimba
22 May 24 06:41 +0000
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As an OpenStreetMap contributor, I am pleased to see that you are using
OpenStreetMap in your Bimba app for Android.

However, I noticed that the map seems to lack the proper credit.
OpenStreetMap's license requires that you both credit OpenStreetMap and
make users aware of the data license (by linking to our copyright page).
For more information, see:


You have the attribution in the About screen (without link), but this is
not compliant with the Attribution Guidelines:

*Attribution must be presented to anyone who uses, views, accesses,
interacts with, or is otherwise exposed to the map or produced work. The
attribution format should not require individuals to interact with the map
or produced work to see the attribution.*

Acknowledgement of receipt would be appreciated.

Re: Bimba OpenStreetMap attribution
Adam <git@apiote.xyz> to bimba
22 May 24 07:45 +0000
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Apologies for noncompliance. I will fix that as soon as possible.